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Hello to all of my first readers! I thought an article introducing you to who I am and what this website is all about was more than necessary. So, let’s begin. 

I grew up in Sag Harbor, New York and attended Sag Harbor Elementary before moving up to Pierson Middle/High School. I spent most of my time playing sports (tennis and basketball being my favorites), doing homework, and seeing my friends on the weekend. I always enjoyed writing and making art, but aside from my classes, I didn’t seem to have the right outlet to share my work. 

My biggest challenge was finding a way to share stories or articles without having to write for someone else. While in high school, I helped with the school’s newspaper for one year while it was still up and running, but I didn’t particularly enjoy writing “assigned” articles. I wanted to write about things I did and places I went, and the school newspaper wasn’t the right setting for that. 

After my year at the newspaper ended, I wrote short stories but kept them to myself. I may have let a few friends read them, but they weren’t shared on any social media sites or posted anywhere else. 

Contrary to this, I did have an Instagram account for my art. However, two challenges I faced were actually remembering to post and creating enough art to maintain a consistent feed. I became frustrated, deactivating and reactivating the account a few times over the course of a few years. 

I realized I needed a place where I could share my art and write about the things I wanted to in one location without any pressure. Sadly, I forgot about this realization and focused instead on important events such as moving to California for college, making friends, and continuing to play tennis (which I have been able to do on our club team). 

Only recently did I remember how much I loved to write and how I stopped because life became busy. 

But here I am a few years later! I started this website to share my adventures, experiences, short stories, art, recipes, and anything else that I can and will think of. I hope this gave enough background to understanding why I decided to create a website and that you look forward to reading and seeing more! 


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